Madrid metro doubles ticket prices: don't worry, the Spanish can afford it

Article published on May 22, 2012

Never mind that salaries in Spain are frozen (if you are very lucky), going down (if you are lucky) or just don't exist (the unemployment rate in Spain is 24,44%). The public metro transport system in Madrid keeps upping its prices, seeing the highest increase in a decade (an average of 11%). In their best clobber and with plastic champagne glasses in hand, a group of Madrilians protested on the metro that 'we have to be rich' now on 20 May, after meeting on social media networks. This is the video posted on the blog 'Creative Protest' (Protesta Creativa). In Spain the saying 'no nos mires, únete' ('don't just stand there, join us') has now become 'don't just stand there, make a killing with us ('no nos mires, fórrate')