Body map Belgium: panties to unite the nation

Article published on May 17, 2011

After nine months of nothingness, King Albert II has charged Elio de Rupo, head of the socialist party, with the task of forming a coalition. How to inspire the nation that overtook Iraq to hold the world record for being a country without a government? In a bid to do ‘something fun and crazy to unite Belgians’, a group of local artists gathered ‘upcoming Belgian talent, Belgian dancers, a Belgian film crew, Belgian stylists, make-up artists and photographers’ to shoot a video (which you can watch on youtube here as you need to be over eighteen). 'Map of Belgium' should be a sign to the world that ‘actually, there’s great stuff happening in Belgium’. Let’s hope that this brilliant remake (or rather copy) of American singer Amanda Palmer’s music video ‘Map of Tasmania’ will cover the political and ethnic tensions better than some of the panties with (Belgian) vaginas do onscreen