The Europublican

  • The Microsoft case : will dream and day unite ?

    By on Oct. 5, 2007
    As the ECJ finally rejected the appeal of Microsoft against the CFI ruling that broadly confirmed the 2004 Commission decision, a bitter taste remains in the mouth. On the paper, the villains were defeated and have been severely punished. But everyone agrees that it is more of a Pyrrhic victory for the Commission and EC competition law in general.
  • Homo europeaus part. I : the one who loved consensus

    By on Sept. 30, 2007
    I don’t know if you have noticed, but there is a common point between most major political ideologies of the 20th century. Okay, yes, they all had a fancy into long and boring speeches, ugly ans old-fashioned artworks and useless mass demonstrations. But apart from that, they all wanted to create a New Man. Yes, a New Man !