The angry American

  • Never have I been prouder to be an American.

    By on Nov. 6, 2008

    America is a funny place; we are not a rational people, we act on emotion, we're gullible, and we frequently think of ourselves as being much much better than we actually are. That being said, we are a people who genuinely want to do good in the world. However misguided our efforts may be, however deceptive and manipulative Americans in power may be, as a people, we act in good faith.

  • The subprime mortgage crisis explained for dummies

    By on Sept. 19, 2008
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  • Unfortunately for us, they're good at what they do. Fortunately, they are also short-sighted.

    By on Sept. 15, 2008
    The RNC was an absolute mess locally. Riot police used tear gas in multiple locations (and the stuff, stinks, I promise you), there were almost a thousand arrests, and terrorism charges are being filed. The streets were filled with angry protesters every day for a week. The leader of the party, as well as his corporate minder Dick Cheney, were afraid to show up.
  • I am the Angry American.

    By on Sept. 10, 2008
    I am angry that the country I love so dearly, that has so much strength, so many resources, and so many good, honest, and hard-working citizens, that has so much to offer the world and the human species, has been hijacked for so long by a power-hungry man representing a power-hungry party.