• The Future of Volunteering is Online

    By on Nov. 26, 2008
    Chiara and I recently wrote a short article about the virtual volunteer teams we both manage for the CIVICUS newsletter celebrating International Volunteer Day that is coming up on December 5th. We thought we would share it here too!
  • Dialogue 2.0

      on Oct. 29, 2008
      ''“Dialogue without learning is not dialogue, it is merely discussion.” -- European Youth Forum'' Dialogue is more than a conversation or a discussion, it is a powerful and interdisciplinary element with the ability to open minds and promote tolerance through many media.
    • Democracy is…

        on Oct. 6, 2008
        The US State Department has launched its first "Democracy Video Challenge", and is asking youth to complete the sentence "Democracy Is..." through the medium of digital video, in an attempt to invite youth to apply multiple forces toward expressing their present reality as well as shaping the future. So get your video cameras rolling because the Challenge is on!
      • Our Voices, Our Power

          on Sept. 3, 2008
          Art is power. That has been true for millennia. Now, with the support of the networks that the internet provides art can travel farther, be appreciated by more people and increase its impact – its power. Online Communities have popped up for socializing with friends (My Space, Facebook, etc.), others are for bloggers (Live Journal, Blogger, Wordpress, etc.
        • Blogging AIDS

            on Aug. 6, 2008
            It is day number three of the XVII International AIDS Conference in Mexico City and so much has happened over the last three days (not to mention the three-day Youth Pre-Conference that preceded it) that it would be impossible for me to write a blog long enough or detailed enough to convey what it has been like for the youth delegates to AIDS 2008.
          • CIVICUS Youth Assembly (part two)

              on July 21, 2008
              The CIVICUS Youth Assembly took place in Glasgow, Scotland from June 16-18th, 2008. Hundreds of young people were there to learn more about "People, Power and Participation" and these are some of their thoughts on the experience.
            • Make it Youthful!

                on July 21, 2008
              • Putting the XVII International AIDS Conference Online

                  on July 18, 2008
                  In July 2010 Vienna will host the XVIII International AIDS Conference (IAC 2008), bringing the largest professional conference addressing the HIV and AIDS epidemic into the heart of Europe.
                • CIVICUS Youth Assembly in Glasgow, Scotland

                    on July 8, 2008
                    The CIVICUS Youth Assembly took place in Glasgow, Scotland from June 16-18th, 2008. TakingITGlobal's Multilingual Programs Manager Chiara was there to take part in the three-day event on People, Power and Participation. Here are her thoughts on the experience: The value of civil society in the quest for social justice cannot be overestimated.
                  • Be a Community Connector! Intern with TakingITGlobal this fall!

                      on July 7, 2008
                      From Athens to Zagreb, virtually every student has heard of the Erasmus program. Since its inception, the Erasmus has opened up new horizons for European youth- creating a de facto Euro Generation, leading to increased job mobility among states and contributing to the creation of a collective European identity.