• The football of the ice: bandy

    By on Nov. 15, 2008
    On November 12th, Waldemar Ingdahl writes about a very special sport; bandy- the football of the ice. Read more in Bandy – ice hockey in Sweden goes big in Europe Played in more than twenty-one countries, bandy is a tale of globalisation, cultures opening up to change and making their distinct mark on the phenomenon before passing it on to the likes of Italy and Hungary.
  • Swedish football in Café Babel

    By on Sept. 19, 2008
    Today I write about Swedish football and the highest level of the league system Allsvenskan. In the article Allsvenskan, the last football amateurs some of the problems are examined. Signing of professional football players started late, in the 1990's. Today all players are professionals and do not even retain a vestigial second career. But this advent has of course changed much the environment.