• Building the next Europe on top of the crisis

    By on March 10, 2009
    The single institution that works as a drivning force for European integration today is the European Court of Justice. That is irony for you. So, what should the European parliamentary election in June be about? How about really investing in a political union? Or should the European Union become more driven by experts and less political?
  • Congratulations,

    By on Nov. 19, 2008
    Congratulations on winning the Golden Star award last week from Stockholm! Read more here about the prize, the award ceremony in Brussels and see some pictures.
  • Sweden beyond yes and no

    By on Nov. 19, 2008
    Tomorrow November 20th the Swedish parliament will most probably decide for the Lisbon Treaty. The major parties in the centre-right government are for, together with the Social Democratic opposition. Only the left party and the green party (the greens demand a refendum) will say no.
  • Coffee all around Europe

    By on Nov. 10, 2008
    Adriano Farano writes about the ultimate European drink: coffee. If there is ever something that illustrates the European Union's motto Unity in Diversity. With the great importance given to food today, it is no surprise it characterizes culture.
  • The Babel launch is getting closer

    By on Oct. 19, 2007
    The launch of the Café Babel community is getting closer... Tuesday October 23rd is not far away... All over Europe, new Café Babel groups are getting ready for the new expansion. Join us in Stockholm at Dront Restaurang & Bar.
  • Café Babel Stockholm now on Facebook

    By on Oct. 17, 2007
    Now we have our own group on Facebook! If you are interested in Café Babel and Sweden, please do join our group. You will receive news and interesting information, while being able to receive invitations to events and participate in discussions with other Babelians. Check out the event site for the launch of the Café Babel community while you are at it.