• My day in EU regulations

    By on March 18, 2009
    I've got Europe in my home. In my cupboard, in my mobile phone, in my fridge, in my bed... well just about everywhere in my life. I am talking about directives orginiating from the EU, and they can amount to suprising numbers in the day of an ordinary citizen. So I am collecting facts about regulations met by an ordinary citizen in an ordinary day.
  • Riots in Sweden: Malmö is burning

    By on Dec. 20, 2008
    Rosengården, a district of the Swedish city of Malmö, is well known for its social problems (and the former home of Zlatan Ibrahimovic) Protests spilled over into violence on Wednesday after the owner of a building in Rosengard housing an Islamic cultural centre and a mosque chose to use the space for other purposes.
  • Swedish insults

    By on Dec. 17, 2008
    In Sweden, insults are mainly about hell and the devil. "Go to hell", "may the devil take you" are rather rude insults. The Swedish culture uses very little body language, even the obscene gestures are imported. This one can be seen in Sweden. Other similar gestures have been imported Sticking out your tongue is less obscene, more of a teasing insult. Why is this?
  • Nobel Prize celebrations and scandals

    By on Dec. 11, 2008
    The glamour is still present at the Nobel Prize celebrations in Stockholm, in fact it may have overtaken the science and culture. Unfortunately, prize winner Nambu could not attend to receive his prize in person from the king of Sweden.
  • Wiretapping Sweden

    By on Dec. 6, 2008
    In January 2009 Swedish authorities will start wiretapping all Internet traffic (and telephone connections) in and out of Sweden. This means that they will not only listen in to all Swedish citizens communication but also sometimes the rest of the world since Internet traffic travels without borders. Urban Lifestyle decided to make a web documentary.
  • Manifestation to free jailed blogger Kareem

    By on Nov. 10, 2008
    All around the world there has been demonstrations to protest the arrest of Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer. Kareem has seen much support from other countries protesting his arrest when he was sentenced to jail for expressing his opinion. Protests were also held in Stockholm.
  • Readers re-write the journalists' stories

    By on Jan. 24, 2008
    Columbia Journalism Review points out an interesting development in Journalism 2.0 on Science 2.0. Scientific American runs a story called Science 2.0: Great New Tool, or Great Risk?, but the article has not been published yet in its final version. Readers can post comments and questions that are incorporated in a final version, to be published in the May issue.
  • Citizen Journalism: Kristine Löwe

    By on May 20, 2007
    On Café Babel Stockholm's Swedish blog we have had a series of interviews, with people from various types of media, regarding citizen journalist. As Café Babel is a good example of citizen journalism, we wanted to explore what new opportunities it offers to both writers and professional journalists. Will it provide media with new talent, or will it drive a further fragmentisation?