• Should we stop at 27?

    By on March 18, 2009
    Problems test the friendship, and in these adverse time financial crisis, many find it difficult to think about further enlargement. Fredrik Segerfeldt from Sweden argues in the article that there is No reason to stop at 27. Segerfeldt has written a report for the European Enterprise Institute about it.
  • Will Sweden’s presidency be successful?

    By on Jan. 1, 2009
    Last time Sweden had the presidency was under Prime Minister Göran Persson in 2001, will the new government of Fredrik Reinfeldt be better at the helm? Göran Persson’s government was not really interested in the European Union.
  • Interest dips in science and technology

    By on Dec. 4, 2008
    The European Commission released the report Young People and Science (here in pdf). The report is dire reading for Sweden as it ranked lowest of all EU-members when 25 000 youths between 15-25 years were asked about their opinions on science and technology. For being a country reliant on innovation just 20 per cent recorded interest in ICT developments, in first-ranking Latvia it was 63 per cent.
  • The costs of living in Stockholm

    By on Oct. 22, 2008
    The Swedish krona is falling in these days of financial turmoil. Sweden said "no" to the euro in a referendum in 2003 (more here), a vote in the backdrop of the tragic murder of foreign minister Anna Lindh. As of today a euro is about 10.26 SEK (Swedish krona). Phew, that euro sure is expensive!
  • Merry Christmas from Stockholm

    By on Dec. 25, 2007
    God Jul (Merry Christmas) from a sunny winter-morning Stockholm. It pleases us to extend our Season's Greetings to all babelians, and we also link to Adriano Farano's post about 2008.
  • Café Babel featured in Swedish media

    By on Dec. 23, 2007
    Waldemar Ingdahl writes about Café Babel in EuropaPosten, the monthly magazine of the European commission in Sweden. In his article Ingdahl points out that a new Europe needs new forms of media. He describes the present situation where the ever more localized media have difficulties to describe the present developments in Europe.
  • The capital of Scandinavia is on!

    By on Oct. 25, 2007
    The launch at Dront Restaurang & Bar in Stockholm was a pleasant affair. With a lovely buffé and good drinks the new Café Babel community was presented. The concept of Web 2.0 is actually not that common in Sweden, most parts of our bloggosphere are, despite our reputation of having a rapid adoption of technology, rather similar to when it all started some years ago.