• East Sights on the West Side

    By on June 19, 2011
    Imagine that you are responsible for taking an important decision that will change the life of thousands of people. Imagine that you are not alone in taking this decision. There are 26 fellows that should have exactly the same opinion on the topic you have to decide. Now, imagine that you have promised something not that long ago and it is hard to take a step back.
  • The Turkey accession to the EU?:The Rebate of the Debate

    By on Feb. 28, 2010
    We were tempted to start this blog entry by retelling you a scene from “Pearl” ("Gumus") but we couldn’t. Why? Simply because none of us has even a clue what the plot is about or has watched a series. For better or for worse, it has turned out that this is what defines the Bulgarian public opinion on Turkey. To be or not to be?
  • What is the role of Bulgaria towards the accession of Turkey to the EU?

    By on Feb. 22, 2010
    Cafe Babel Sofia is pleased to invite you to a debate on February 26 at 11 am at the EU Information Centre, Moskovska 9 Street. Turkey opened membership talks with the European Union in October 2005. Four years later, the enlargement of the EU to Turkey raises several questions about the identity of the European Union.
  • For the second year in Sofia – the documentary film festival for human rights – ONE WORLD

    By on Nov. 27, 2009
    The documentary film festival for human rights ONE WORLD starts in Sofia from 23 till 29 of November 2009. During this week we have the possibility to think about the human being, as a creature who needs love to be alive, about the nature which is everything for us, something we seem to have forgotten.
  • Kind of Green: is sustainable development possible during crisis?

    By on Nov. 22, 2009
    Sofia is the first destination chosen for the project « EU Crisis on the ground » funded by the European Commission. Through 11 debates in 11 different towns, the goals of the project are to promote the citizens' solutions and innovating initiatives in the economical and social field against the crisis and to question how the European Union could provide solutions for the crisis.
  • Let’s talk about Europe!

    By on April 28, 2009
    Let’s talk about Europe! This debate is part of the initiative « National Civil Forum for the European elections ». The European Information Centre Europe direct, Café Babel Sofia, the Centre for Policy Modernisation and the portal Europe have the pleasure to invite you to the debate Let’s talk about Europe! on the European elections of 2009. What Europe do we want?
  • Erasmus Stereotypes

    By on April 20, 2009
    Got friends that are clichés from their countries? Joke about their characteristics… … and win two nights accommodation for two in a five star hotel in Madrid! How to play ‘Erasmus Stereotype’ and win two nights accommodation for two in a five star hotel in Madrid? 1 – Publish a picture of your buddy 1. Take a picture of a friend of yours 2.