French caricaturist on satire magazine petrol bombing

Article published on Nov. 4, 2011
Article published on Nov. 4, 2011
On 2 November the Paris HQ of Charlie Hebdo, a French weekly satire magazine, were completely burnt in a Molotov cocktail attack at the next day's planned release of the paper called 'Charia Hebdo', dedicated to Tunisia's moderate islamist election victory. One French cartoonist replies

Charlie Hebdo's website was hacked, whilst its facebook page has now been censored thanks to an influx of enraged comments. Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which published 12 caricatures of the prophet Muhammed in 2005, explained their decision not to republish the planned Charlie Hebdo cover, which was jokingly supposed to have had the prophet himself as an editor-in-chief, for their own security.

Image: @Kristof