• List of winners Sevilla European Film Festival 2016

    By on Nov. 13, 2016

    We already know what have decided the Jury of the OFFICIAL SECTION of Seville European Film Festival 2016, composed by Kieron Corless, Pilar López de Ayala, João Nicolau, Luis E. Parés and Agnés Wildenstein. 

  • The Lobster (or how to tell an original love story)

    By on Feb. 22, 2016

    Loneliness. Love. Identity. All great themes of art, present in all times and places. Oftentimes we'd like to know the wonderful secret that makes us fall in love with the wrong person and ignore the one who seemed like a perfect fit.

  • [eng] Camille Claudel 1915

    A raw telling about the first years an artist, Camille Claudet, was secluded in a mental asylum. Solitude, abandonment, the borderline between reason and madness, desperation and frustration are some of the ingredients in this movie. Juliette Binoche brings majestically to life this sculpting artist victim of those passions reflected in her work.

  • 'The reunion', Hideous madnessodiosa loca

    Who has not been victim or executioner during his childhood in school? Who has not felt misgivings in spite of adult age? If anyone present is free of sin, raise his hand in the movie theatre or street forever. This is how I felt after watching The Reunion, the worst film I have seen in my life.


    Three Many Weddings is guaranteed to make you laugh. Ruth receives three invitations to weddings, to which she would prefer not to go: those of her three ex's. In the heat of a personal and professional crisis, her intern convinces her that she will not regret going to the weddings. A funny and original comedy that has you hooked from minute one.

  • Age is nothing but a number where sexual biology is concerned

    In Seventh Heaven The human body is 70% water. With age, this percentage gradually decreases - we dehydrate, we waste away, we get older. Growing old is biological. However, it seems that society wants us to believe that from a certain age, we no longer have the right to savour or be in touch with our most intimate sexual feelings and desires.
  • Family mirrors

    Katia’s sister In the relationship between brothers, some roles are played in which often the younger sets his/her mirror on the older. In the case of Lucía, the protagonist of the film, her love for her sister Katia is even stronger than her love for herself; in fact, along the whole story, whenever Lucía presents herself, she won’t mention her own name, but say "I'm Katia's sister".
  • Iceland is hotting up

    Sólveig Anspach brings to Seville his Back soon With a style between carefree and poetic, hilarious and introspective, rotter and profound, Anspach tells us about Anna’s existential need for vital renovation. She is a weedy and energetic Icelandic poet who blurted to his admirer and student of her works, gems such as “You French people should speak less and fuck more”.
  • Film Festival Kicks Off in Seville

    Lights! Camera! Action! Seville's European Film Festival is rolling! The long-awaited festival finally raises its curtain, much to the delight of cinema buffs. Headed by new manager Javier Martín Domínguez, the festival is going to start with a bang. The opening film, Gomorra, by Robert Saviano, gives a gritty account of the Italian mafia and sets the scene for a very ambicious fifth festival.
  • Anna M.

    France, 2006 : Michel Spinosa Script and direction : Isabelle Carré, Gilbert Melki, Anne Consigny Cast : Alain Duplantier Photography : Patrick Sobelman Producer PRISON OF LOVE Who does decide what love is? What separates madness form common sense? Anna M. is in love, brutally in love, destructively in love. Anna M.