• Macron, Mélenchon and the European flag

    By on Oct. 23, 2017

    Some would call it a ragman's debate. Emmanuel Macron and Mélenchon's party have been clashing for weeks over the European flag. The debate could end on Thursday the 19th of October once a signature is passed, recognising the official European symbols. Who cares? Well, we felt like we had to...

  • Diskutier Mit Mir: Where political opposites attract

    By on Sept. 19, 2017

    Only a few days left until Germany goes to the ballots. Although many have described the run-up to the elections as boring and uneventful, Louis Klamroth and his team at Diskutier Mit Mir are spicing things up. Their online chat platform pairs people from either side of the political spectrum in Germany, forcing strangers to confront and justify their vote-to-be. 

  • Has the EU turned a corner?

    By on June 26, 2017

    "As a solution, not a problem": this is how the EU is now perceived again according to European Council President Donald Tusk. The participants at the EU's summer summit in Brussels have made a show of unity and resolved to tighten cooperation on counter-terrorism and defence. While some media rejoice, others remain sceptical.

  •  Brussels determined to impose refugee quotas

    By on June 15, 2017

    "Decisions that have been made are applicable law, even if one voted against them". With these words EU Commission President Juncker has defended the opening of infringement procedures against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The three states are refusing to comply with the quota system for the distribution of refugees decided in 2015. Are sanctions justified?

  • Brexit means identity crisis for Britons

    By on May 22, 2017

    They are young, they are beautiful, they love to travel, and they love discovering what Europe has to offer. The only problem is that they are British. As a consequence of Brexit, they may soon lose the privileges inherent in EU citizenship. Is this just a formality, or a real identity crisis? We met with some young people, who believe that being European is more than a few stars on a passport.

  • The EU opens its doors to Ukranians

    By on May 12, 2017

    Last Thursday the European Parliament voted for allowing visa-free travel to EU for Ukrainians with 521 votes pro, 75 against and 36 abstaining. The agreement will enter into force in June after being accepted by the Council of the European Union and published in the Official Journal of the European Union. 

  • Jean-Claude Juncker: "Europe is a team effort"

    By on April 6, 2017

    The president of the European Commission seemed tired and pessimistic during his address on the state of the European Union last September. Between Brexit, the migrant crisis and the rise of European populism, who can blame him? But in an interview with cafébabel, Jean-Claude Juncker proves he's not out for the count just yet.

  • Welcome to Brexit Britain: the self-preservation society

    By on March 29, 2017

    This afternoon Theresa May formally began the Brexit process, starting two long years of negotiations with the EU. It's a very difficult job, and the only way to get through it is to all work together as a team. And according to her, that means we do everything she says. [OPINION]

  • 60 years of the Treaty of Rome - is it still relevant today?

    On 25 March 1957, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands signed a treaty in Rome to create the European Economic Community. It was the beginning of a dream, born from the nightmare of World War II. But how much do people know about it? And why it is still important today? We came up with a little video to explain it (with the help of Albus Dumbledore and Nicolas Cage).

  • Article 50: The Final Countdown...

    By on March 22, 2017

    On March 29, Theresa May will formally notify Brussels of the UK's intention to leave the European Union and begin two years of negotiations. Commentators ponder how both sides will act in their efforts to make a deal.