Videos: Zapatero, Sarkozy, Berlusconi and Aznar get their tongues out

Article published on March 5, 2008
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Article published on March 5, 2008
It’s pure logic - EU politicians should be able to speak several languages without problems, right? The truth is a bit worse

Shoemaker – sorry – Zapatero (that's what it translates to in Spanish) – embroiders his English and then teaches the French a thing or two

Well-constructed phrases, total fluency, an accent that is neither Brown nor Sarkozy, ZP gives us his reflections on bonsais. Then he permits us to enjoy his Français marveilleu in the Gallic parliament. Priceless

Sarko invites us to invest in ‘Frencs’

Can’t be a bad life, being Nicolas Sarkozy: president of France, new darling of the tabloid press, married to an Italian ex-supermodel and singer … Nothing to complain about, for sure! So he decides to give something back to the good life, and invites us to invest in a place called ‘Frencs’ so that we do money and so that he does money with us. Watch out for that final smirk and pose for camera

Aznar, Georgetown and los Moors

Masterclass from Spanish ex-prez Aznar. Pay attention kids! Hope you all got the simultaneous translation Assnar-Inngleesh, Inngleesh-Assnar

Poland’s got rhythm

Our Polish friends take videos on the dialectical skills of politicians to a new level. The president of the Polish Social-democratic Party, Wojciech Olejniczakn, gives us a warm welcome

Italy: the democracy for flag

We’ve already shown a video parodying former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi. Today we bring you the inimitable Itanglish of the real Macoy. And just in case there were any doubts, G. Dubya makes it clear that Silvio speaks English real good! Mamma Mia (that’s 'Oh Mother of mine to you')

In the end, we’ll all be speaking Chinese

Or for that matter, Japanese. You can’t help wanting to vote for this Mini-Me in the making: he presented himself –unsuccessfully– for the elections for governor of Tokyo with a simple programme: ‘I do not have one single constructive proposal, let's destroy this country now’

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