Cartoonists trace EU cracks

Article published on May 9, 2007
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Article published on May 9, 2007
Much of the distrust towards the European Union can be traced in political cartoons which have appeared in the Iberian media. Four Spanish cartoonists wax ironical about the EU

Go against the Euro? Wishful thinking

(Picture: Juan Ballesta)

Juan Ballesta, 72, from Almeria, depicts Don Quixote fighting against the Euro, in a scene inspired by Cervantes' book where they unsuccessfully fight against the windmills

Europe of misunderstandings

(Picture: Javi Royo)

'(Your town): We need a hoe

(Your province): They need help to get a hoe

(Your county): They say that they need help to get a hoe

(Your country): They need a bit of money to get a hoe

(Europe, and the Commission in turn): The agrarian sector...shit! What was it in English again? - what?'

Javi Royo, 32, on Europe's intricate bureaucracy. Communication difficulties in a 27-member Europe creates a continent of misunderstandings.

No Moroccans left on the coast

Picture: Francisco Martín Morales

'This beach has been awarded a prize with the European Union's Blue Flag for having maintained its clean waters from north African boats'

One of the biggest challenges of the Union is in getting a common immigration policy. Here, another Almeria-born artist, Francisco Martín Morales, evokes two Spanish civil guards holding up the European Union's blue flag which the EU assigned to the cleanest beaches in Europe. A scathing portrait of European hypocrisy

Commercial Europe

Picture: Antonio Mingote

'The advantage of entering this common market is that in place of Spanish economic crisis, we are enjoying a European economic crisis'

This cartoon by Catalan artist Antonio Mingote, 88, satirises the common European market. One of the characters in the picture explains the advantage of belonging to the common market. It no longer suffers according to the economic crisis of a single country, but passes the ball to the whole of Europe

Cartoons courtesy of the Association of European Journalists (AEJ)