• The Krainer sausage saga

    By on Dec. 20, 2017

    To the untrained eye, the Krainer sausage looks like any other pork product. Yet just a few years ago this simple sausage sparked an international food fight that threatened to engulf Central Europe.

  • Georgette Sand: When history makes women invisible

    By on Nov. 23, 2017

    Did you know that the oldest university in the world was founded by a woman? Or that the father of rock'n'roll was not a father at all, but a mother? Probably not. History rarely keeps track of important women; in fact, it often renders them invisible. In response to the systematic erasure of women from history books, Georgette Sand, a French feminist collective, wrote Ni Vues Ni Connues.

  • Netflix and Chill: An expression on demand

    By on Oct. 11, 2017

    A winter evening that smells like chamomile tea? A hangover that is begging for some aspirin? Or simply an undying need to binge? Regardless of the occasion, shows on Netflix can easily eat up all of our free time. So much so that we’ve come up with an expression to describe this obsession. Even if we know what it means, we might not necessarily know where it came from.

  • Sophie: Forgotten worker of the night

    By on Sept. 27, 2017

    Sophie has been waiting for the telephone to ring at 5 pm every day for more than a decade. This is the phone call that confirms whether she can go and work at Roissy Airport when night falls. For 10 years, this part-time job has affected her health and subjected her to power abuse, as well as hate and sexism. Sophie is a woman, a wife, a mother. But above all, she is a tireless workhorse. 

  • Camille and Justine: Double trouble that vent their anger

    By on Sept. 20, 2017

    The dynamic duo Camille & Justine use both small and big annoyances in the name of comedy. From reactionary vegans to pushy men in bars, a large spectrum of daily life in France is squeezed into their YouTube channel. Girlshood made the most of their hype to interview them on Messenger. 

  • "La Bombe" or how to overturn rape stereotypes

    By on Sept. 9, 2017

    Written with a rush of blood to the head, ZOU's song "La Bombe" (The Bomb) is a rare artistic testimonial about rape. Four years later, the French singer who lives between Paris and Berlin chose to illustrate it with a 6-minute music video. But what can you show when you're talking about rape? An explosive interview. 

  • Wendy: an Ecuadorian trans who dreamed of Europe

    By on Aug. 7, 2017

    Wendy was born in the wrong body. Since her childhood in Ecuador in the 1980s, she has been struggling for her female identity to be recognised by her relatives. Fleeing a country where homosexuality was illegal until 1997, Wendy decided to rebuild her life in Europe. After 25 years as a sex worker, she is finally proud of the woman she has become.