• Flying University or how to become pilot of your studies

    By on Sept. 14, 2013

    The program of Flying University

  • Cafe Babel explores the new bicycle lane in Minsk

    By on Oct. 7, 2009
    © Minsk Cafe Babel, text and photos Orangell I don't know why, but I missed the information about Day of Minsk in 2009. So, when I walked in the Maxim Gorki park, I was very surprised with what I saw there. I saw there a splendid bicycle lane. This spring and summer I enjoyed bicycle lanes in Vilnius and suffered much in Minsk when I returned with my iron horse.
  • floods:Venice in Minsk

    By on Aug. 28, 2009
    © Orangell, Minsk Cafe Babel -Did you have summer? - What a question, of course we had summer; it's just that day I was ill. Photo Anton Motol'ko This joke about the Belarusian climate (which is, by the way, very close to the truth), may be re-told with a slightly different ending: it's just that day it was raining.
  • Belarusian opposition demonstration.

    By on May 28, 2009
    © Cristina Álvarez, Madrid Cafe Babel Read the article in Spanish Belarusian opposition has only two large demonstrations allowed a year. A bit prior to the day of Europe Belarusians decided to have a demonstration in favor of integration. Cristina Álvarez, told us about this event in an exclusive reportage with photographs.
  • Victory Day in Minsk

    By on May 17, 2009
    © Cristina Álvarez, specially for Minsk Cafe Babel View on the Great Patriotic War Museum, center Minsk, the slogan is "People's exploit does live in centuries" Victory Day on May 9 is one of the biggest events in Belarus.