• Jerzy Buzek congratulated EHU students and academics with the beginning of a new school year

    By on Oct. 7, 2009
    © Minsk Cafe Babel, Aliona Zuikova, photos Anna Chijova New President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek visited EHU on the 2nd of October 2009. The President met with academics and students of the University.
  • Swedish EU Council Presidency and Belarus: The Challenge has been taken.

    By on Aug. 20, 2009
    © Grundig, Minsk Cafe Babel It’s been eight years since Sweden’s last EU Presidency in 2001. Many things have happened over this time: EU eastwards enlargement, the Constitutional Treaty (Lisbon treaty) was rejected twice, EU plunged into a serious institutional crisis coping along with the ongoing financial crisis.
  • EU-Belarus-Russia: Mediating Maneuvers of Belarus

    By on July 28, 2009
    © Grundig, Minsk Cafe Babel Vitebsk Belarusian town of Vitebsk is just 60 kilometers west of the Russian border and around 280 kilometers east of the nearest border with the European Union (EU) member state – Latvia.
  • Belarus and EU - mercenary marriage?

    By on June 26, 2009
    © Grundig, Минская редакция Cafe Babel Couple of years ago political scientists cautiously referred Belarus to the “undefined state in the middle of Europe” (Manaev 2006), explaining the external political “vacillation” by historical factors, idiosyncrasy of the leaders and problems of the Belarusians’ own identity.
  • Lithuanian Prime Minister A. Kubilius has visited European Humanities University

    By on March 28, 2009
    © Novaja Europa magazine In the course of the meeting, Minister stated that Lithuania is in favour of Belarus having its place in Europe and stressed the importance of dialogue between Belarus and the European Union. "Belarus needs changes and the EHU community needs to inact these changes", - said Kubilius.
  • Erasmus Mundus: Belarus

    By on Feb. 3, 2009
    © 00ZE, Minsk Cafe Babel Local Team What does Erasmus Mundus mean for Belarus? At best a common Belarusian can answer the question in the following way: ‘Erasmus Mundus is an educational programme in Oslo for graduates of Belarusian Universities. In order to enroll there, one needs to “pass exams” via the internet. The most successful students can be granted with scholarships.

    By on Jan. 31, 2009
    © Andrei Borodin. Minsk Cafe Babel Local Team When there are sheep – there will be wolves. Both, those called the victims of the Holocaust and those called the executioners, could not exist without one another. This, perhaps, was the key tragedy of the pre-war Europe, where masses were consciously and gradually preparing to play victims.
  • Do common values at all exist?

    By on Jan. 13, 2009
    © "Novaja Europa" journal © Minsk Café Babel Local Team During Minsk Local Team presentation occured an interesting discussion on the Belarussians' identity: can we call ourselves European? do we have legitimate grounds to do it? or may be we are not Europeans at all and our identity is unique? The question is still open, there is no final answer.
  • Who Are We, People? To Be or Not to Be…

    By on Dec. 17, 2008
    © Andrei Khrapavitski, Belarusan American Blog  Read at the site Andrei Khrapavitski B.A. in political science (European Humanities University, Vilnius, Lithuania) M.A. in journalism and mass communication (University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, USA) The malformed Belarusian identity is one of the liveliest topics constantly discussed in the Belarusian blogosphere.