• What is a "dialogue between cultures"?

    By on Sept. 18, 2007
    At the beginning of September took place in Potsdam, Germany the M100 Youth Media Workshop, an event conceived to gather young journalists from all over Europe. In its third edition the theme raised was: "Dialogue between cultures".
  • Media Censorship in Spain

    By on July 26, 2007
    I guess everyone has heard about the latest media scandal in Spain. Well, I'll explain it anyway. There is a magazine called El Jueves, thursday, that is published every wednesday. It isn't easy to define the magazine, I have never really browsed it through, but it's about cartoons, humour and irony.
  • Europe, with love

    By on July 4, 2007
    So what about that video of the European Commission? Don't know what I'm talking about? Just look here... No later than Thursday, Joe Hennon, recently appointed spokesperson for the commissioner on communication, told us that the European commission will focus more on Internet. Well... they already did it. The controversy around the video I linked to is a living proof of that. Why?
  • What's That? Multipolar Views on Journalism

    By on June 29, 2007
    The first part of an inquiry about our views on journalism. Many short interviews to shape and invent the new European media. Let's read following ones, others are coming soon.
  • Why journalists use blogs?

    By on June 29, 2007
    There is a dramatic increase in the creation of blogs the last years and it is really positive that a great majority of journalists can use them. But why do journalists use blogs? Journalists have the privilege to use the language in a proper way and that gives them the power to express their views and their ideas freely and without hesitation.
  • Who killed the newspaper?

    By on June 29, 2007
    European media production is not just for journalists any more. The young people of Europe are well educated and interested in their sourrounding society. Therefore they want to participate themselves in the production of medias, and they don't want to wait for slow journalists to discover new things - so they do it themselves.
  • Meet MediaPedia

    By on June 29, 2007
    What can 11 young European journalists who believe in the power of media in shaping a new European public sphere do? We met at the European Youth Media Days and decided to start a blog on media in Europe, focusing especially on new media and the power of Europeans to express their own visions on Europe.
  • Europe on the Internet

    By on June 29, 2007
    How does the new media influence the European Union institutions? Well, just ask Margot Wallstorm, the vice-president of the European Commission who made a lot of people jealous because the popularity of her blog. Yes, the vice president of the European Union is blogging and only last years, she had 2 million visitors on her website.
  • European Youth Media Days

    By on June 29, 2007
    Participants of the European Youth media Days in the hemicycle of the European Parliament.