• Elections nobody's interested in (statement by one of the 44% involuntary nonvoters in Luxemburg)

    By on June 4, 2009
    June 7th 2009 is not only one of the possible dates for the 2009 European Parliament elections. It is also the date for the Legislative elections in Luxembourg.
  • Fête de l'Europe upcoming

    By on May 5, 2009
    The Fête de l'Europe (or Europe Day) -edition 2009 is coming soon. In Luxembourg, this European anniversary is celebrated at Place d'Armes on Saturday 9 May from 11 a.m. onwards. Join in for food, music and discover different information stands about the European Union. This year, the Fête de l'Europe is placed under the umbrella of- how could it not be - multilingualism.
  • We’ve done it!

    By on April 22, 2009
    Finding dates for meetings, taking the time for writing and getting used to a new editing programme is not very easy for three busy people. But after weeks of delaying, technical problems, stressy workdays and endless family dinners, we’ve finally done it: the Babelblog of Luxembourg is born and we are proud to present it to you. Who we are?
  • Is Schengen a man?

    By on April 22, 2009
    Schengen- yes I have already heard that word. Doesn’t it stand for the liberty of free movement in the European Union? I guess, most Europeans have already come across this word once or twice. But what is actually Schengen? Is it a person? A “famous” European politician? The name of a big European city? No, it isn’t...