• European Development Days - Will Climate Change Development?

    By on Nov. 17, 2007
    Report from Lisbon by Diane Halley Climate change was certainly an apt theme for this year's European Development Days in Lisbon, if only for the very reason that we left Brussels on a Tuesday evening of five degrees, and arrived to a balmy Lisbon where temperatures rose to their mid-twenties during consecutive days of abundant sunshine.
  • EU Finance ministers gather in Oporto

    By on Sept. 15, 2007
    The finance ministers of the 27 are gathered this weekend in Oporto, on an informal summit to discuss issues of EU economy such as the financial markets' instability and the increase of interest rates. This meeting fits the scope of the Portuguese EU Presidency.
  • José Sócrates visits Poland

    By on Sept. 15, 2007
    José Sócrates has traveled yesterday to Poland in order to try to cease brothers Kaczynsky's objections to the approval of the future Reforming Treaty.Poland is still the UE state-member with the largest doubts regarding the Treaty's approval and it is said that, at the moment, this can mean a potential block to the signing of the Treaty in the October summit.
  • UE-Ucrania Summit aims to bring ucranians closer to Europe

    By on Sept. 15, 2007
    The Summit between the European Union and Ucrania has started yesterday, with the goal of making the relationships between Europe and this ex-URSS country stronger.
  • Ministers of Environment gathered in Lisbon to discuss water shortness in Europe

    By on Sept. 1, 2007
    The European Union's Ministers of Environment gather today in Lisbon for an informal conference promoted by the Portuguese Presidency to discuss issues such as drought and water shortness.Among several environmental and energy problems that Europe is facing, water shortness is one of the most serious, reaching 11% of European population and 17% of European territory.
  • European Socialist Party opposes to Polish "moral clause"

    By on July 19, 2007
    Anna Colombo has positively responded to an internet campaign directed to the presidency of the Commission, the European parliamentary groups and the Portuguese prime-minister and protesting against the moral exception imposed by Poland, which will allow its government to stop its citizens of appealing to European justice whenever the “family values” might be at stake.