• Mateo Blanch: The chef who prints food

    By on March 7, 2018

    Tools, clothes, weapons and even human body parts… 3D printing has become the 21st century’s new manufacturing technology. As expected, this somewhat futuristic world has also made its way to professional kitchens. 

  • Food and feminism: Sophia Hoffmann is Berlin's vegan queen

    By on Feb. 28, 2018

    She used to be a music journalist and a DJ. Today, Sophia Hoffmann is a vegan cook, an author and a blogger. This Berliner at heart combines her love for veganism with feminist themes, while simultaneously encouraging other women in the culinary sector to make their ideas a reality and go their own way.

  • Breatharianism: The woman who eats nothing

    By on Feb. 23, 2018

    “Living off love and water” doesn’t seem like enough to sustain oneself, but for Dominique Verga, it’s already a lot. The 50-year-old Liege native claims to have survived on nothing but love for the past three years. By nothing, we mean no food or water. She follows a ‘breatharian’ lifestyle, which she claims cured her of ill health. Scientists believe the lifestyle is nothing more than a scam.

  • From meat-eating fitness freak to fruitarian

    By on Feb. 15, 2018

    For Mees Vullings, there is no such thing as a forbidden fruit. In fact, fruit is the very core of his diet. But how did this young Dutchman go from meat-eating bodybuilder to fruitarian in just three years? Like most great stories, it all began with a cat.

  • Food waste: You’re gonna love eating expired food

    By on Feb. 7, 2018

    He spent five years living without money and co-founded a food exchange platform. In the war against food waste, Raphael Fellmer is no rookie. So running the first ever supermarket dedicated to selling waste food products was an obvious move on his part. And he’s planning on making this a trend beyond Berlin, his hometown.

  • Casu Marzu: The world’s most dangerous cheese

    By on Jan. 31, 2018

    Created somewhere in Sardinia, Casu Marzu is a “rotten” cheese with fly larvae that became the “world’s most dangerous cheese” in the 2000s. Producing and commercialising the cheese in the EU is strictly prohibited, which led the entire continent to forget about its existence. Well, everyone except a village of die-hard Sardinians who refuse to see their ancestral cheese disappear. 

  • Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec: A meaty revenge

    By on Jan. 24, 2018

    All around Europe, meat is getting butchered. Whether it’s for environmental reasons or inhumane slaughterhouses, one question remains: will vegans get the last word? We’re not so sure, since France’s butchers are digging their heels in. Let’s start with Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec, who intends on “putting the cows back in the fields” with his famous “I love bidoche” movement.

  • Florian Nock: The insect lover who's biting bedbugs back 

    They are in his library, his fridge and tattooed all over his forearms. Insects are an integral part of Florian’s life. In the near future, you may even find them on your plate. The 30-year-old Parisian works at a small company whose employees have dedicated their lives to producing and selling crunchy insect appetizers. Five years into this love affair, Florian won't quit.

  • O'Naturel: Naked dinner in a Parisian bistro

    By on Dec. 22, 2017

    The waiters, at least, would be clothed. Public health requirements demanded as much. I knew that before walking up to the black-cloaked window of O’Naturel, the first ever nudist bistro in Paris. 

  • Shoreditch: What drunk people eat in London's sin city

    By on Dec. 21, 2017

    London’s Shoreditch is a hotly debated and fiercely gentrified neighbourhood. What was once an industrial wasteland with bomb craters left over from WWII decorating Hoxton Square has quickly transformed into an unaffordable hub for creatives and party-goers. So what better place to go and photograph what drunk people eat than these shambolic streets at 2 in the morning?