Islam in Europe

  • UK government proposes Muslim theology board

    By on July 21, 2008
    The UK government is setting up a board of Muslim scholars to promote a peaceful form of British Islam but in the face of the local Muslim community’s scepticism the success of the initiative remains doubtful.
  • Happy Birthday Mosque-Radio

    By on May 5, 2008
    One year since the introduction of the feature broadcast “The Islamic Word” in the German Southwest Radio the broadcast has not yet found its footing. Even though the initial controversy around it has ebbed out, there is also no desire to make the programme more widely available.
  • "Schism" vs. "Fitna"

    By on May 1, 2008
    In response to Geert Wilders anti-Quran movie “Fitna”, several movies have been created displaying the bible as a work inciting violence which use the same methods as Wilders uses against Islam. However, their goal is not to inflame hatred against Christianity, but to reveal the manipulations affected by “Fitna”.
  • Each one his own parallel society

    By on Dec. 12, 2007
    Not only migrants seek to separate themselves from the rest of society, but this society itself is divided into numerous subcultures, each one living in its own world. Divided between discounter and delicates shop, the fight for existence and existentialism, the idea of a society united by one culture is only a construction.
  • The internet-mufti replies day and night

    By on July 30, 2007
    On internet-forums such as ‘mufti says’, ‘ask imam’ or ‘fatwa online’ religious scholars answer questions on everything from ablution to Zionism. They reflect the difficulty of pious Muslims to find the right path in an ever changing world. But with their rigorous interpretation of Islam these forums hardly contribute to their integration in the West.
  • Welcome!

    By on June 11, 2007
    The objective of this blog is to discuss questions linked to the subject of ‘Islam in Europe’. For centuries Islam has influenced European culture. Today Muslims are – in spite of all difficulties – one of Europe’s most important religious groups and a permanent part of European societies. On this blog I will write of current debates and events from all over Europe.
  • Aid workers of Islam

    By on June 5, 2007
    Islamic humanitarian organisations have only come into the spotlight following September 11th when they were suspected of having lent their support to Al Qaida and other terror groups. But a closer look at this highly intransparent sector shows that reality is much more complex than it is often perceived.