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Welcome Lucrezia! Intern for the Italian version

Article published on March 22, 2016
Article published on March 22, 2016

The Italian version of cafébabel can count on an extra pair of hands during its editorial transition. 23-year-old Lucrezia is from Lecco and studied in Milan; she’ll be on an internship in the cafébabel Paris office for the next two months. Welcome!

cafébabelWhat were you doing the week before you came to Paris?

Lucrezia: Looking for a way to make my suitcase less heavy.

cafébabelBefore that?

Lucrezia: I was finishing my exams – thinking of Paris all the while!

cafébabelWhat brought you to cafébabel?

Lucrezia: I wanted to see if I could become a journalist! I wanted to be able to tell stories.

cafébabelIf you could choose a nationality other than Italian, what would it be?

Lucrezia: Probably Greek. I've always liked the beach...

cafébabelWhere would we find you on a typical Friday night?

Lucrezia: In a Parisian bar with some friends. The same in Italy, to be honest!

cafébabelYour favourite book? A film that you hate?

Lucrezia: Dino Buzzati, but don’t force me to choose one in particular! And I can’t deal with horror films; I never make it through to the end!

cafébabelOne good thing about not being in Italy right now? One bad thing?

Lucrezia: Being in Paris and doing tonnes of new things! Though I would have liked to be able to bring all my friends in my suitcase…

cafébabelWhat’s your favourite planet?

Lucrezia: Saturn, I think that’s the most interesting.

cafébabel: What’s your mission for the next two months at cafébabel?

Lucrezia: To write loads! And to not think that about what I will do two months from now…