Faraway, so close

  • The E.U.'s New Leaders - Who call?

    By on Nov. 25, 2009
    Although the coverage of the US (mass) media on the EU's new leaders has been very limited, the article of the Washington Post probably reflects the mood among D.C. foreign-policymakers according to an article from the World Politics Review.
  • The new El Dorado?

    By on Nov. 18, 2009
    The name of El Dorado came to be used metaphorically of any place where wealth could be rapidly acquired - although another metaphor used to represent El Dorado as an ultimate prize or "Holy Grail" that one might spend one's life seeking… When it comes to climate change, both metaphors can be applied to California.
  • Tocqueville, the Third Way and Obama

    By on Nov. 16, 2009
    "I confess that in America I saw more than America; I sought the image of democracy itself, with its inclinations, its character, its prejudices, and its passions, in order to learn what we have to fear or hope from its progress.
  • If Detroit has a future…

    By on Nov. 12, 2009
    In 1950, the city of Detroit was the fourth largest in the US. Today, Detroit ranked as the United States' eleventh most populous city, with 912,062 residents. Why?
  • A country in a funk?

    By on Nov. 11, 2009
    The latest Associated Press-GfK poll shows that Americans were more pessimistic about the direction of the country than in October. They disapproved of Obama's handling of the economy a bit more than before. But Obama's approval rating stands at 54 percent which is not too bad in current circumstances - Afghanistan, economic crisis, healthcare reform etc.
  • Towards a “Green deal”?

    By on Nov. 8, 2009
    I take the opportunity of a trip across the United State to share some of my (EU made) subjective views about some of the most emblematic cities in the United States: Washington and New York, the “European cities”, Detroit, the former motherhood of the car industry, Saint-Louis, mainstream America, Sacramento - California and Houston, the capital of the independent State of Texas.