• Greece: Young Athenians on facing their future post-crisis

    By on April 19, 2016

    There are several reasons why young Athenians could come under the category of "disenchanted youth of Europe". While some cling to the continent as a last bastion of hope, others turn their backs on the union. We spoke to young people of different backgrounds across the Greek capital. They spoke of their experiences of living in such difficult times full of uncertainty. Portrait of a generation.

  • Meet the young Greeks voting for Golden Dawn

    By on April 12, 2016

    Golden Dawn, who many consider to be a neo-Nazi party, has seen worrying success among Greek youth. Today, amid fears of a new surge in support for the party that can no longer be fully explained by the economic crisis, one question is being asked: what motivates these young people to vote for the party? A story of hoodies, graffiti and burly looking skinheads. 

  • Arriving in Athens: Out of the frying pan and into the fire

    By on April 6, 2016

    The collapse of the Greek economy has left a visible impact on the country’s capital. In spite of bailout packages, the situation hasn’t improved. Severe cutbacks seem only to deepen these cracks. The proportion of struggling Greeks is significant; almost every second young person is out of work. Increasing numbers face the prospect of life on the street. Is hope on the horizon? Seemingly not.

  • Fighting to simply exist: Young, Greek and Jewish

    By on April 4, 2016

    In the Greek capital, a small but determined Jewish population strives to uphold a tradition dating back over 2000 years. In the context of austerity and political change, young Jewish Greeks have a new wave of problems to contend with; yet despite a growing trend of emigration, the city hosts an active youth contingent – including the rabbi of the Athens Jewish Community, just 26 years old.