• Date your messenger

    By on April 18, 2008
    Toy-boys to cuddle. This is the very light offer of, the first “male supermarket” opened on the web by French daring businessmen. A lot of humour, a drop of love and loads of men to meet, carefully ordered by “product categories”: brainy or adventurous, blond or cooks.
  • Willy Academy

    By on Feb. 19, 2008
    A course of intercourse. Last Spring in Madrid, four jolly fellows, owners of a well- known sex shop in the Spanish capital, « la Jugueteria » launched their willy academy. Erika Lust, Dunia Montenegro (black mountain), Pygma and Marcelo Tajtelbaum (something tree), Movida-style nicknamed characters without any complex have crowned themselves in charge of the new shag chair.
  • Rocco Wear

    By on Feb. 19, 2008
    After wide angled banter, here comes the time to sew up. Rocco Siffredi is starting a new career in haute-couture. The Italian stallion of X film is said to have decided to go off on his own. To own the small world of fashion.
  • Encyclosexy

    By on Feb. 19, 2008
    Über MCP. A faithful heir to anatomical encyclopaedias, let’s welcome Chikipedia, the atomic chick wiki!
  • Rub(ber) a Dub

    By on Dec. 14, 2007
    After the spiked helmet and the kapos, welcome to the spray-on Kondom! Our charming neighbours from the other side of the Rhine are decidedly very creative, and always followed by this unshakable aura of “Deutsche Qualität”. The good doctor and member of the Institute for Condom Consultancy Jan Vinzenz Krauze, true  to this reputation, intends to rock the anti- STD wear.
  • Guinea pigs syndrom

    By on Dec. 7, 2007
    Codename: guinea pig. Porcine eyes and dyed hair, the creature is either called Jessica or Sabrina. Complemented by an unclothed allure, sparkling lips, a lost piece of chewing gum at the back of its vocal cords, a negative IQ and coloured nails, it is delicately described as 'easy' or nicknamed ‘whore’ or ‘slut’.
  • Naughty EU Medias

    By on Dec. 7, 2007
    Is that all European civil servants think about? As the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera signals, a summer breeze of hormonal madness is appearing to blow into the communication service of the 'Media' programme of the European Union.
  • Anything to get votes

    By on Dec. 7, 2007
    Sex is politics. The spirited Tania Delvaux, representative of the Belgian political party NEE (‘No’ in Dutch) has found a good way to get people to talk about her. In her electoral campaign the candidate for the senate promises 40,000 blowjobs to Belgians who fancy it. On her website the matter becomes even clearer: one vote = one blowjob.
  • Mechanical masturbation

    By on Dec. 7, 2007
    ' This metaphysical question was posted on the website of American magazine by a worried male reader and is worth asking - especially since we know that European women are becoming more and more fond of erotic gadgets. 'Can the use of sex toys desensitise women to real penises?
  • Asexual Revelation

    By on Dec. 4, 2007
    Zero libido. When faced with the porn flood or the dictatorship of the Big O., some have chosen to comfort themselves with scarcity under the comforter. Even if You Porn and other preachers of indecency want us to believe that things are different, lust can sometimes go on strike. Is it that people can’t rise to the occasion? Or simply that they won’t?