European Playlist

  • Berlin Jukebox: David Bowie in Berlin

    By on Jan. 11, 2016

    [FROM THE ARCHIVES] What would a world without Ziggy Stardust look like? Even if your youth didn't coincide with the 1970s, you will be able to grasp the monumental influence of David Bowie on pop music and culture. Until August 10th, the Martin Gropius Museum in Berlin consecrates a large part of its space to the British megastar. As always, Cafébabel Berlin has the right soundtrack. 

  • Live at Bataclan: the best of the best

    By on Dec. 3, 2015

    A homage to the live music of the Bataclan, where three weeks ago a terrorist attack cost the lives of 130 people in the heart of Paris, as well as nearby St Denis, in order to remember that, even in the darkest times, our answer to pain is to turn up the music.

  • The European Playlist: Pitchfork Festival 2015

    By on Oct. 30, 2015

    For the 5th year running, Paris's Pitchfork Festival opens it's doors to the public, putting together 3 days of up-and-coming artists, showcasing a different kind of sound that's moving faster than a roller coaster. To make sure you don't get dizzy, here's our choice of 5 acts the watch out for in the future from this year's event. 

  • Playlist of the week: Summer Lovin'

    By on Aug. 24, 2015

    Whether it's a "sweetheart" you've met on holiday, with whom you've spent some nice moments in places more or less exotic; or a soulmate, with whom you're going to spend the rest of your life; Cafébabel has rummaged through its back-catalogue of European music for your Summer Lovin' playlist. There's no Grease in this list, however.

  • Srebrenica Playlist: Songs against forgetting

    By on July 17, 2015

    In 2015, it's not just the Armenian Genocide that's being commemorated. 11th July marks the 20th anniversary of the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica, Bosnia - a war crime that has since been recognised as a genocide - during the Bosnian War - costing 8,000 people their lives. Here are some songs, lest we forget.

  • Playlist of the week: Au revoir, Sepp

    By on June 5, 2015

    So after 17 years, FIFA President Sepp Blatter is set to resign. Except, nowhere in his 'resignation' letter did he use the word 'resign', as TIME magazine pointed out. Here's a musical reminder of most football fans feel  about this Swiss Machiavelli:

  • Playlist of the week: Holograms, flying cars and futuristic visions

    By on April 18, 2015

    In Madrid, the esplanade in front of the Congress of Deputies was filled with hundreds of holograms on Friday, 10th April, in an unprecedented march. The protest was against the Citizens' Security Act passed by the Spanish Government.

    From this,  cafébabel decided to gather songs and music videos ranging from the futuristic to the unthinkable. Let the music commence.

  • The Girl Power Playlist

    By on March 6, 2015

    Ahead of International Women's Day 2015, the cafébabel team racked our brains to compile a short playlist of some fantastic songs from different European artists to celebrate the feminist movement and greater empowerment of women around the world. Check it out!

  • The Playlist of Shame

    By on March 4, 2015

    We all know a band or a song whose lyrics we've learnt by heart. Of course, we're all reluctant to admit this embarrassing truth.

    Remember when you were 15, lying on the bed in your locked room, an MP3 player by your side, belting out the lyrics of your idols with unabashed fervour? 

    Here is cafébabel's playlist of shame.

  • Playlist: Masked Ball

    By on Feb. 23, 2015

    It's time for a Masquerade Ball. Some love it, others flee from it. But the music in this playlist isn't only for Eyes Wide Shut fans...

    Why do European bands also wear out-of-season "Helau and Alaaf" masks? Here is this week's playlist...