Europe des femmes

  • Choisir, a french feminist association

    By on March 12, 2008
    The french feminist association Choisir la cause des femmes is founded in 1971 by several personalities, notably Gisèle Halimi (attorney), Simone de Beauvoir (philosopher, writer), Jean Rostand (académicien), Christiane Rochefort (novelist), Jacques Monod (medicine Nobel prize).
  • The most favoured European Woman Clause

    By on March 12, 2008
    The purpose of the most favoured European Woman Rule is to impose on Europe the recognition of equality between men and women. Such equality in all areas must, indeed, be expressly stated as a value of the European Union, like freedom, democracy and State of law. Evidently, one should not be satisfied with mentioning equality between men and women in the objectives of the European Union.