Europe à la carte

  • A family to face the wild jungle of the world

    By on Dec. 4, 2009
    The Map of Tendre Philippe Cayla President of Euronews Europe loved by Zeus, king of the Gods, is she loved by man? At a time when the disaffection of Europeans with Europe threatens its very democracy, can one explain this as a general falling out of love? Or rather, isn’t love for Europe conflicting to the point of becoming impossible?
  • europe in the global world, cohesion, identity and few assets

    By on Dec. 4, 2009
    The wager of the Erasmus generation Adriano Farano Cofounder of A new generation is born, the daughter of student mobility, the single currency and low-cost flights. It’s the first generation that is really experiencing Europe on a daily basis. Its goal within the construction of Europe is not to finally restore peace on the Old Continent. That goal – noble and oh, how difficult!
  • Europe, religious or secular

    By on Dec. 4, 2009
    A shining example of unity and diversity Rabbi Arthur Schneier President of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, Senior rabbi, Park East Synagogue, New York It is difficult to comprehend how the very same continent which gave rise to great universal ideals of liberty and freedom could also be the birthplace of nationalism, Communism and Fascism.
  • Europe's roots...

    By on Nov. 20, 2009
    Europe’s marathon run Jean-François Rischard Former vice president of the World Bank How come the people of Europe, this small assemblage of tribes and territories at the fringe of much bigger regions, ended up reading from the same script and making such a remarkable contribution to humanity?
  • Not so long ago, a wall separated us

    By on Nov. 20, 2009
    A map of reconciliation Maria-Cristina Necula Writer My father made Europe’s acquaintance while trying to escape its Eastern grasp. As a top microprocessor specialist and associate professor at the Bucharest Polytechnic University, he was allowed an outing beyond the Iron Curtain at a workshop in London in January 1985.
  • Europe from America

    By on Nov. 14, 2009
    European state of mind Craig Kennedy President of the German Marshall Fund of the United States Politics in the European Union are inherently filled with conflict and tension, but this obscures the fact that a truly continental mindset transcending nationalities and nationalism is emerging.
  • Europe and the Mediterranean

    By on Nov. 10, 2009
    Europe is bored A need for Europe on the other side of the Mediterranean Bassma Kodmani Director of the Arab Reform Initiative Europe is bored but she doesn’t know it. Her citizens live comfortably and for a long time. They were told that happiness is the satisfaction of their personal needs and desires, and that the European project was to succeed in building Europe as an entity.
  • Europe from the Arab world

    By on Nov. 6, 2009
    Europe and the Arab world The complementarities Amr Mahmoud Moussa Secretary-General of the League of Arab States Former Egyptian foreign minister Between the shores of Europe and the Arab world lies the the Medi-terre-nean, i.e., the middle of the earth...
  • Europe From Asia, by Ban Ki-moon, Pan Guang, Tioulong Saumra and Dominique Girard

    By on Nov. 3, 2009
    The power of Europe’s example Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations The old division of Europe into “East” and “West” two decades ago, has today given way to the modern European Union. Europe has thus become less a geography than an idea – an ideal, even, of the power of integration as an engine of prosperity and social advancement.
  • Autor and Contributors

    By on Nov. 3, 2009
    Jean-Christophe Bas has led the pan-European dialogue at the World Bank for 10 years.