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Article published on Nov. 22, 2010
Article published on Nov. 22, 2010
Is the EU going to rename the English Channel the Anglo-French pond? Is the EU going to ban British double decker buses? Is the EU going to forbid eggs to be sold by the dozens? Is the EU going to ban French cheese? Is the EU going to impose legalisation of abortion in Ireland? No, no, no... and no. Though these assertions were published in the European press.
Bad reporting on Europe is common in the press. In Britain it is actually de facto a rule set by the tabloids and lazily followed by the mainstream media. Elsewhere in Europe Euromyths are less frequent in the media, but politicians tend to use Brussels as a scapegoat to shaft the responsability of unpopular policies to somebody else.

This blog is about these Euromyths spread here and there, rarely contradicted. It looks at bad reporting in the media, at inaccurate statements from populist politicians, and more generally at myths in popular culture about Europe as a whole or national myths within European countries about other European countries.