Demographic dilemma

  • Key findings from group 2: Marzahn. Runaway or a new hope

    By on Oct. 23, 2007
    Demographic change is a visible fact in Berlin, especially in the district of Marzahn. From socialist "sleeping room" it turned to quarter of shrinking population after the 1990´s transformation. Demographic change is related to spatial changes. Shrinking population is one of the demographic processes which can be observed on the local level.
  • Ageing into, ageing out of, and ageing of the workforce - Group 3 Report

    By on Oct. 19, 2007
    Our visit to BASF’s Berlin office raised a number of interesting points • The role of business – it was clear that the business community is taking action to deal with a lot of the issues raised by demographic change, and that they are doing this through their own economic self interest • Government and NGO action should complement what business is already doing, not duplicate it • A key
  • Key findings from group 6: No immigration without integration!

    By on Oct. 19, 2007
    Immigration can be part of the solution to shrinking population. But no immigration without knowing each other and cooperating. People need support and solidarity to be real part of society. Otherwise there will occur problems with language, education, employment etc.
  • Group 4 - learning 2007.10.19

    By on Oct. 19, 2007
    In a pick and choose society we require involvement through dialogue on issues of mutual interest. Such dialogues create sustainable relationships in which our investment will also save money. Emily, Patrik, Bano, Orsi, Mattias, Jan, Dmitry, Anna, Djamila!
  • Group 5 feedback

    By on Oct. 19, 2007
    The ageing of society is a natural process, which should be met head-on, with clear proposals and policies for meeting the challenges which it presents and to maximise the opportunities which arise.
  • Key findings of the Berlin case group

    By on Oct. 19, 2007
    Action Plan & Conclusions These are the points we concluded after our Real World visit to the Berlin Senate during the conference Fewer, Older, More Diverse? Europe’s Future Society, The Network Effect , Berlin 17 – 19 October 2007.
  • An opportunity rather than a threat?

    By on Oct. 16, 2007
    In many parts of Europe, the local population is ageing, partly through declining birth rates, partly because young people leave in search for employment. However, at the same time other regions are undergoing rejuvenation, not least due to the impact of immigration.