Michael Jackson dies aged 50: eastern EU grab their crotch in tribute

Article published on June 26, 2009
Article published on June 26, 2009
On 25 June, the king of pop died after a cardiac arrest in LA. He remains a firm musical reference for the 'eurogeneration’ growing up in the seventies and eighties. Ukrainian folk rock, Lithuania’s late MJ and Bulgaria’s Wacko Jacko wannabe – soundtrack tribute in videos

Ukraine: ‘Black or White’ by Selo and Ludy

The Ukrainian folk rock cover band transform the 1991 hit song thanks to the help of an accordion and balailaika, a Russian string instrument

Bulgaria: ‘Bad’ by a baker on ‘Music Idol’

Nicknamed ‘the Michael Jackson of the croissants’, baker Trifon Aleksandrov did his best impression of the 1987 hit Bad. Watch him bash out his shoulder-popping Bulgenglish on the 2008 version of the popular music show version of Britain’s ‘Pop Idol’ here

Lithuania’s own Michael Jackson

Copyright didn’t exist in the soviet era, so 'Wacko Jacko''s songs (as the British media branded him) were often ‘freely translated’. However Rolandas Janavicius didn't cover MJ songs himself. The lead singer of the band Rondo was simply known as the ‘Lithuanian Michael Jackson’, inspired as he was with his long locks and airy fabrics. Janavicius also lived a short life, dying of cancer aged 37 in 2007

Plus a favourite

Additional reporting fromTeodora KostadinovaandDaiva Repeckaitein Sofia and Vilnius