• Vote now on a new era - new taxes

    By on May 30, 2009
    Electric Vehicle charging station in Paris  Changes are coming!The critical moment, your opportunity to influence future direction, is now.In December, the Copenhagen conference will negotiate a new treaty, replacing the expiring the Kyoto treaty. Governments are likely to agree to mandatory limits on CO2.
  • Obama's Visit to Prague (Road to Hell?)

    By on April 4, 2009
    Click to enlarge We started this blog in December 2008, with the remark: "The Czech republic will assume presidency of the EU in January 2009. The priorities they set . . . are the three E's : The Economy, Energy and the External Relations of the EU. The first two are already disaster areas. Let's see what is likely to happen in the third area . ..
  • Brrr! What's Happening to the Sun?

    By on March 4, 2009
    (As always, click on the picture to enlarge it; you will see it describes the years 1988 to 2008. Or click on to find the source of data and .) Some headlines scream: . Others, more moderate, predict at least a new " little ice age." The original Little Ice Age was the period 1645 to 1715 AD, known as . That was the time of Galileo and Kepler.
  • The Earth's Atmosphere: Weather is not climate

    By on Feb. 2, 2009
    The argument and repeated by naive readers is On the face of it, this sounds like a sensible question. often made by deniers "They (scientists), cannot even predict the weather for more that three days, so how can they know what would happen in 50 or 100 years? The physics of planetary temperature is a very different problem, however, than weather prediction.
  • Obama ends the "war on science"

    By on Jan. 19, 2009
    In every area of scientific research there is controversy. Hypotheses and bold assumptions are made, argued for and against, tested, and eventually accepted or rejected. An example of such a process was triggered by an idea put forth by the . He asserted rather then increasing concentration of Greenhouse gases influence the Earth's climate and cause Global Warming.
  • Climate disruption: Politics and science

    By on Jan. 15, 2009
    In a pleasant surprise, the UN Climate Change Conference in Poznań, Poland ended with a about what needs to be done. The agreements should lead to commitments in Copenhagen at end of this year cutting emissions 20% by 2020. As we enter what may be a groundbreaking new year, let's look at some of the research and information behind these decisions, as well as a few of the continuing controversies.
  • The Czech EU presidency: Happy? New Year.

    By on Dec. 19, 2008
    Certainly an exciting year is ahead, at least to those with a strong sense of irony. In the first post of this blog we pondered doom scenarios in general philosophical terms. Now it is time to get specific: The Czech republic will assume presidency of the EU in January 2009.
  • Steps ahead

    By on Nov. 24, 2008
    A field covered with freshly-fallen snow, undisturbed and pristine, except for a single line of footprints heading out into the field. Without any discernible change in their steady progress, they suddenly end out there in the field."More than any time in history mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other to total extinction.