Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer awarded Nobel Prize in literature

Article published on Oct. 8, 2011
Article published on Oct. 8, 2011
By Lotten Sandstedt It was announced yesterday that the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer will receive the 2011 Nobel Prize in literature. Tomas Tranströmer’s poems have been translated to over 60 languages and he is a celebrated poet throughout the world. The news came as a nice surprise to the Swedes.
Tranströmer is only the eighth Swede ever to receive Nobel’s literature prize, and last time it happened was back in 1974. On Twitter people keep posting Tranströmer quotes reduced to 140 characters, as praise to the author.!/transtromer

Tomas Tranströmer is known and loved for his delicate way of making poetry more accessible. He uses metaphors so close to our reality that we cannot misunderstand them, and through them we can approach the magic he presents. The prize will probably come to be of big importance to Swedish literature.