• Olympic medal for Christmas

    By on Jan. 3, 2009
    Written by Juli Kubát Krisztian Pars, Hungarian athlete has won a silver medal in men’s hammer in the Beijing Olympic Games last week. According to the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decision the silver and bronze medal has been divested from the two Belorussian hammer-throwers, Vadim Devyatovskiy and Ivan Tsikhan because of doping.
  • ‘Paraolympic Games’

    By on Sept. 22, 2008
    The 13th Summer Paralympic Games (PG) has just recently come to an end and Hungary performed quite well. 33 Hungarian Paralympic contesters took part of which 4 won 1 golden and 5 bronze medals all together. Live coverage Is the PG as special and important international sports event than the 2008 Olympic Games that it also made people got up 4 am to keep fingers crossed for their athletes?
  • Canoe/Kayak Flatwater: still the most successful sport for Hungarians

    By on Sept. 1, 2008
    A young man (Attila Vajda - man C1) fresh in Olympic Games and two Hungarian girls (Katalin Kovács and Natasa Janic - woman K2) proved in Beijing that Kayak-Canoe is still the most successful sport for Hungarians. The Hungarian team that was among the most populous and strongest ones had finally won 2 gold medals, a silver one and a bronze.
  • Waterpolo - men's team is champion for the 3rd time!

    By on Aug. 19, 2008
    Rooting for waterpolo teams has become a national sport in Hungary during the couple of days. Adequatly to the skills and condition of the teams, both women and men has automatically qualified themselves to the quarterfinals. Since there was no big success and no gold left for the Hungarians everyone's fasten his eyes on them!
  • Sailers from a country without sea

    By on Aug. 19, 2008
    ''I am sailing, I am sailing, home again, 'cross the sea. I am sailing stormy waters To be near you, to be free'' Does it ring a bell to you? On behalf of Zsombor Berecz, Áron Gádorfalvi and Diana Detre we can agree with Rod Stuart: in Hungary you find ‘neither sea nor stormy water.’ But how could it happen that there are three Hungarians qulified themselves to the Beiijing Games?
  • Wrestling - newcomer Zoltán Fodor's silver was a nice surprise

    By on Aug. 17, 2008
    Zoltán Fodor, a 23 year old Hungarian guy was newcomer in Olympic Games, but managed to get through to the finals in 84 kilogramms. Fodor was at first very sad for loosing against his Italian opponent, but finally he was happy with his silver. He should to do so, especially if we bear in mind that asaide from swimmer Cseh he is still the only one who managed to won medal for Hungary (by yet).
  • Fencing - Mincza's bronze was the only medal

    By on Aug. 12, 2008
    Tough dominance of Hungarians in fencing has been much stronger in the past, there are still very talentful sportsmen and women for whom we can keep our fingers crossed in the Beijing Games. Unfortunately both individual and team contests caused dissapointment in Hungary's most successful sport.
  • Phelps was unbeatable, but Cseh won 3 silvers for Hungary

    By on Aug. 12, 2008
    Hungary won its first two medals plus one thanks to the swimmer László Cseh. Although he managed to arrive 'only' as the second in 400 m medley, 200 m butterfly, and 200 m medley his silvers blaze for Hungarians at least that brightly as a gold medal. American's Michael Phelps tunred out to be unbeatable, tough in butterfly he was only with 6 hundred-secs faster than Cseh.
  • Gymnastics - end of glorious times?

    By on Aug. 11, 2008
    Two athletes will represent the Hungarian Gymnastics in Beijing at the 29th Olympic Games in the following three weeks. Although Dorina Böczögő is just 16 years old she fought her quota for membership of the Team. Besides her, Róbert Gál will attend his second Olympic Games this summer.
  • Woman's handball - one medal is still missing from the collection

    By on Aug. 9, 2008
    After a fluctuating performance Hungary's handball team confidently beated the Romanian girls today and thus qualified itself to the semi-final. The semi-final will be played with Russia on Thursday and will definately be a very difficult match, especially in light of the serious backfall suffered during the group matches.