• 1 June off & 2 think through!

    By on June 1, 2011
    The social scientist in me is criyng for a basic discourse analysis of post-communist citizens' FaceBook statuses today. But my 6 to-do are screaming even louder. 06.01.2011 or 6 in 1 - my burning tasks in a single day - that is. Which-ever. So why pick on it today? Because it's a blogger's job to leave aside her x tasks and say: “hey, what's going on?
  • Remember 1989 (by Nabeelah)

    By on Dec. 22, 2010
    Gabriel Bejan on the festering wounds of Romania's revolution (România Liberă) Twenty-one years ago on December 21 violent protests against the Ceauşescu regime began in Bucharest which hailed the end of the dictatorship.

    By on Dec. 13, 2007
    A. If the answer is YES: the product - to be stored in the ambient air, drinking-water or food - could soon become available for distribution on the Romanian market. It is expected that the offer will atipically exceed the demand, causing providers to deliver HCN compounds en gros and en detail, at the mere price of accidental exposure. B.
  • Part 2: No More Place for Beggars in Geneva

    By on Dec. 7, 2007
    The new law that renders beggary illegal in Switzerland, was approved on 30 November by 52 liberal and centrist votes against 30 green and socialist votes and 5 abstentions.
  • Romanian child needs suicide to make his will heard

    By on Dec. 6, 2007
    Every single minute, one person commits suicide - worldwide. On Tuesday, 2 October, 06:02, this person was a 12 year old child from Romania. He decided not to live any more because he found no solution to his mother’s leaving. A potential scenario to be followed by any of the 60.000 children confronted with the same problem.
  • Romanian Roma’s Swiss Eldorado: One Step Away from Closure

    By on Nov. 30, 2007
    In a few months’ time, Geneva has become the new Romanian Roma Eldorado. Taking advantage of the new cantonal penal law of 27 January 2007 that legalises beggary, some 200 Roma – 77% of whom are Romanian – have hit the road and filled Geneva’s Chanel-flagranced streets.
  • Failed an exam? Blame the interior design of Bucharest University

    By on Nov. 7, 2007
    Can the external look of the chemistry and journalism departments of the oldest Romanian university have an impact on how you study? Can the lighting, colours, decoration, symbols or general 'look' of a department influence the education process?
  • Youth employment

    By on Oct. 10, 2007
    We are being told that the more we study now, the more comfortable we’ll live later. We are being told to invest in our career. To participate at courses, trainings, internships, all kind of activities that can put you in competition with others like you.
  • Love scanarios

    By on Oct. 3, 2007
    Love – an inexhaustible subject, tackled from any point of view, by all sort of characters that can’t be written down on the list of taboos anymore because the media today knew how to seize it in order to develop attractive, manipulative, novelty stories.
  • Start for a virtual Romania

    By on Sept. 24, 2007
    In a few years now, one can see every corner of Romania by browsing an online map. Considering the EU directive, Inspire, which aims at creating a 3D map for the EU, the National Agency for Cadastre from Romania, ran in the past two years a photo shooting in which our country “showed off” its landscapes to a special photo camera, set on a plane.