• The European Citizen Initiative (ECI) ..........paradigm shift or blowing in the wind? by Nicoleta Sovre, MA University for Peace (Costa Rica)

    By on Nov. 30, 2010
    “signature collection rules which vary significantly between countries and a too-short deadline will make it difficult for an ECI to succeed. A ban on treaty amendments and unclear Commission response to a successful ECI will discourage ECIs on many of the most important topics facing the EU. Unless these are changed, the ECI could become a PR tool rather than a real democratic instrument.
  • Bucharest blog is back: following Basescu's 'stealing' comments on Roma

    By on Nov. 9, 2010
    I was a writer for this Bucharest cafebabel.com blog for a couple of months - at the end of 2007 - immediately afterwards I left for an Internship in Brussels, which overwhelmed my capcity to deliver. During the years that followed, I lost enthusiasm toward the power of the written word.
  • PDL – the new presidential party

    By on Dec. 24, 2007
    At the beginning of December, Emil Boc (PD) şi Theodor Stolojan (PLD) announced the merger of parties lead by them and a new political force came into being in Romania: The Liberal Democrat Party.
  • The 35 euro-parliamentarians - on their way to Strasbourg

    By on Dec. 14, 2007
    Today was the first working day for the 35 euro-parliamentarians, intended to represent Romania in the European Parliament after the elections on 25th of November. The winner of these elections was the Democratic Party that sent to the European Parliament the biggest number of euro deputies, that is 13.
  • Electoral Campaign with European Personalities

    By on Nov. 12, 2007
    25th November - the date for the European Parliament Elections is approaching, so the electoral campaign is becoming more intense. Besides of making use of the Romanian crisis in Italy for drawing the debate into their favour, two of the most important parties brought last week to Romania, international guests to support them. Mr.
  • The vanity of our highest politicians drives Romania to chaos

    By on Nov. 7, 2007
    For the last weeks, the Romanian political scene was split by the disputes on organizing in the same day the referendum for the uninominal voting system and the European Parliament elections, especially because there will be used different human and financial resources for each ballot.
  • Elections for the European Parliament

    By on Sept. 27, 2007
    The final lists with the candidates for the European Parliament elections, set on 25th November, have been sent yesterday to the Central Electoral Office. The political parties finally decided whom to send to Brussels, after many negotiations with their members, as they didn’t want to leave Bucharest not to loose their internal influence and positions.
  • The activity of Romanian MPs

    By on Sept. 17, 2007
    The Public Politics Institute released last Friday a study on the parliamentary activity for the last session, February-June 2007. The criteria used for evaluating the Romanian MPs were their presence or absence to the vote, the number of legislative projects proposed, the number of questions addressed to the public authorities and their loyalty for the party (expressed through their votes).