• Berlin Jukebox: David Bowie in Berlin

    By on Jan. 11, 2016

    [FROM THE ARCHIVES] What would a world without Ziggy Stardust look like? Even if your youth didn't coincide with the 1970s, you will be able to grasp the monumental influence of David Bowie on pop music and culture. Until August 10th, the Martin Gropius Museum in Berlin consecrates a large part of its space to the British megastar. As always, Cafébabel Berlin has the right soundtrack. 

  • Berlin Jukebox: New Year, New Fortune

    By on Jan. 5, 2015

    There are innumerable reasons why 2015 will be great. Cafébabel Berlin has compiled the most important ones into a playlist for the start of the New Year. Tune in!

  • Playlist of the Week: Classical Berghain

    By on Oct. 11, 2014

    Berghain may be the untouchable worship place of Techno but it also plays host to classical concerts. However unsettling it is to see people drinking wine in Berghain, watching the pearl necklaces and stiff collars in and among homoerotic bar sculptures and pissy toilets represents classical music getting down from its high horse. Here are 10 pieces of music to sway the nonbelievers. 

  • Berlin Jukebox: Anatopia

    By on Sept. 17, 2014

    Ever heard the sound of hand-made high-tech pop? If not, you were just waiting to meet Henrietta Morgenstern and Klaus Plötzlich of Berlin-based electro-pop band Anatopia. Across musical, artistic and national borders, the pair have created a galvanising experimental live act. Tune in.

  • Berlin Jukebox: female bands

    They're not just known for their looks, and they don't sing average songs. But rather they produce stylish music and intelligent lyrics that aren't voice of content and lacking quality: Female Berlin musicians. Time for an audio sample!

  • Berlin Jukebox: Flo Pirke

    By on Aug. 26, 2014

    Berlin is full of techno musicians — who can even keep up with them all? Luckily cafébabel knows where the best of them perform. Like Flo Pirke, for example, who after a long experimental period has found his way, body and soul, into every facet of electronic music. Tune in!

  • Berlin Jukebox: Young Magic

    By on Aug. 15, 2014

    How to describe the sound of Young Magic? Think of flying rhythms, psychedelic cymbals and cloud-filled skies…or none of those things. What makes this young band from New York so special, is their multi-faceted, sophisticated sound. Curious? Tune in to the Berlin Jukebox.  

  • Playlist of the week: Pack your swim trunks

    Sun, hot tem­per­a­tures and most im­por­tantly no rain: the weather fore­cast promises bet­ter prospects for to­mor­row. So that it'll also be­come a re­al­ity, Cafébabel Berlin com­piled a playlist for a day at the lake. So pack your swim trunks and your iPod!

  • Berlin Jukebox: Esquina Latina

    By on July 1, 2014

    With nine band mem­bers and many in­stru­ments “Es­quina Latina” is prob­a­bly one of the biggest bands of Berlin. And by doing this the band wants to es­tab­lish Afro-Cuban Salsa in the cap­i­tal city. Cafeba­bel re­cently spoke with three of its mem­bers.

  • Berlin Jukebox: Erich Lesovsky

    By on May 15, 2014

    There are plenty of mu­si­cians with masks, but do they also blink? The self-des­ig­nated Berliner Erich Lesovsky makes his music with elec­tronic de­vices, into which he breaths life through the use of toys, lights and fire­crack­ers on stage. Today's Berlin Juke­box: trans­par­ent and melodic elec­tro sounds that won't only make you move your feet, but also use your brain. Turn on.