• Kitty, Daisy and Lewis: The return of the oldies.

    By on Oct. 11, 2011
    Written by Cristina Párraga, Translated by Jamie Broadway  Long hair, vintage dresses, impossible hairdos and lots of eyeliner, this is how Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Durham present themselves; three siblings from England of no more than 18 years old who have already released two records in the charts.
  • I want to live in an Estrella Damm advert!

    By on Oct. 3, 2011
    __Written by Emmanuel Haddad – 24/09/11, Translated by Jamie Broadway__ I am 25 years old, nearly 26. I have an unstable job, and I save my money for going out and having a drink with my friends where we discuss the current economic model which is destroying our futures. This is an easy conversation in Catalonia where 40% of young people are unemployed.