• A Golden Öölaulupidu

    By on Aug. 20, 2008
    Photo AFP/Scanpix To celebrate the 20th of August and the Restoration of Independence, a night song festival was organised in the evening of the 19th of August. For some reasons, one Estonian guy far away in Peking thought this was not enough and decided to celebrate this day its own way.
  • Understanding Estonia: Singing Revolution

    By on Aug. 5, 2008
    Discovering a country it is not only travelling around and enjoying the landscape. It is also understanding the culture, learning (at least trying to) the language, and above all knowing the history of a country as it is the basis of people's behaviour, hates, hopes, beliefs...
  • Time to buy a flat in Tallinn?

    By on Aug. 1, 2008
    In Lasnamäe, not the richest part of the capital, the report is even worse (or better if you had bought a flat here in 2000 or before) with a 480% increase during the same period and reaching 24 000EEK/m² in 2006. Since then the market has been going down to the 2006 price level. For companies it looks like this was a huge crash whereas it seems a very small thing for the potential buyer.