• Obama impersonator from Philly featured in French ad campaign

    By on Jan. 20, 2009
    In this video, produced by the Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires, a man who looks remarkably like the new US president is filmed jogging in Paris. He is stopped by French police in the video and asked for his papers.
  • Obama wins North Carolina

    By on Nov. 7, 2008
    The votes have been counted: Barack Obama has won the state of North Carolina. This is quite significant - the first time the state has voted for a Democratic president in over thirty years. And as talk begins of who Obama's cabinet appointees will be, those interested can visit the President-elect's website, change.gov.
  • Obama references Lincoln, channels Kennedy in acceptance speech

    By on Nov. 5, 2008
    A beautiful acceptance speech and a great way to end the night.
  • Gore Vidal on the BBC; Obama winning North Carolina ?

    By on Nov. 5, 2008
    Gore Vidal is on the BBC. He just called the Republican Party a "Mayan sect." And berated his interviewer. I don't really know how to describe what just happened. But it was certainly interesting. And if Obama is really winning North Carolina.. this is quite a significant turning point and a big surprise. Even John Edwards, who is from North Carolina, couldn't pull it off in 2004.
  • McCain concession speech

    By on Nov. 5, 2008
    McCain just gave a brilliant, gracious concession speech. Mixed applause and boos in the audience. Very clear that if this McCain had been running for president, he would have stood a much greater chance at winning.
  • 538 calls it for Obama.

    By on Nov. 5, 2008
    Reports from Boston of celebratory parties in the street. Here in Dublin, watching the BBC online. fivethirtyeight.com has called the race for Obama.
  • Ohio called as well?

    By on Nov. 5, 2008
    It appears that CNN has called Ohio for Obama. I don't see how McCain could possibly win now if this is the case. They are projecting it with 16% of precincts reporting. In other news, we are now watching on CNN.com, and I haven't seen The Situation Room. Is it broken ? Or do they just not show it on the internet ? I'm waiting for another hologram report.
  • "Security" patrols stationed at polling places in Philly

    By on Nov. 5, 2008
    This is the news from Philadelphia : Pennsylvania was recently projected by MSNBC as going to Obama. In the meantime, this video is posted on Youtube, of so called "security" patrols at a polling station. Disconcerting.
  • As predicted a slow start to the night

    By on Nov. 5, 2008
    But picking up a bit. The press continued to take photos of the crowd in Cafe en Seine and we left a few minutes ago. It was getting a bit too crowded and it was going to close at some point. It looks like it's going to be a very late night indeed.

    By on Nov. 5, 2008
    "CNN's Jessica Yellin reporting via hologram" VIA HOLOGRAM ! Comments in the room: "What's up with the halo?" +Various Star Wars comments Coolest election night toy ever. CNN has upstaged all of the other networks at this point. By far the most interesting thing to have happened so far tonight.