• Transnistria: Bringing change, one hostel at a time

    By on May 16, 2018

    Dmitri used to be an activist. For 10 years now, he has committed himself to peace-building and reconciliation work between Moldova and Transnistria – an unrecognised state between Ukraine and river Dniester – where he lives. Over time, Dmitri and his colleagues started questioning the meaning of their actions. That’s when they decided to open two hostels in Tiraspol. 

  • Protesting in Poland: An endless uphill struggle

    By on April 16, 2018

    In July 2017, masses in Poland took to the streets to protest judicial reforms. Since 2016, Poles have been mobilising time and time again to express their rage against the restriction of abortion laws. Protesting in Poland is tiresome to say the least. Will the country’s youth hold on until the 2019 parliamentary elections?