• Reklámok: íme, a képek, amelyek sokkolják Európát

    By on Oct. 5, 2010
    A reklám mindennapjaink részévé vált. Mindenütt képeket látunk: a televízióban, az óriásplakátokon, a magazinok oldalain. Mind azt sugalmazzák, hogy feltétlenül szükségünk van arra a bizonyos autóra, nyaralásra vagy éppen abortuszra. Várjunk csak: abortuszra? Így van, az egyre tetszetősebb képek világában ugyanis egyre kevesebb figyelmet szentelünk annak, mit is ajánlanak nekünk tulajdonképpen.
  • Green Prospects in the Hungarian EP Campaign

    By on May 23, 2009
    The eight parties eligible to run at the Hungarian 2009 EP Elections are rather focused on internal, national conflicts and themes than on the European political groups’ priorities and programmes. Nevertheless environmental issues are quite common on the agenda of Hungarian political parties who seek support from voters.
  • No waste is good waste!

    By on May 23, 2009
    The building where I have been living in for one and a half year is 20 metres from a selective waste collection point and therefore I am pretty lucky that I do not have to walk far away to find a decent place to deposit my pre-selected household waste. The district where this building is located is quite environmentally friendly. Újbuda has the first 'eco blocks-of-flats' in Gazdagrét.
  • Hungary, on the map of ice hockey - First in supporting

    By on May 9, 2009
    By TÓTH Gábor The Ice Hockey World Championship is just before the final, yet we already have a winner: the fans of the Hungarian team. Although the national squad finished its part on the last place on Monday already, each of us around Hungarian ice hockey can be proud and happy.
  • The truth of sport

    By on May 9, 2009
    By TÓTH Gábor What professional sport is really about, you just open up a paper and read: dopping, hard injuries because of cruel drive for win, clash of supporters and some corruption of refs or high level bureaucrats. What sport is truly about, you have to go to Switzerland to an ice hockey World Championship game!
  • April's Fool – Cultural agenda in April

    By on April 7, 2009
    April is the month of spring, sunshine, contemporary art and bicycles in Budapest. Find out more in our current Cultural Agenda. PortfolioPoints exhibition-series (1 - 18 April) PortfolioPoints is an exhibition series that has been presented for the third time this year with the aim to provide opportunities for young painters, photographers, graphic designers to make their debut to the audience.
  • LiTraCon has lighten buildings up!

    By on Feb. 19, 2009
    Áron Losonczi won Ernst & Young "Innovator" award for 2008 and this prestigious award was mostly thanked for his invention, the light-transmitting concrete which is a translucent concrete building material, made of fine concrete embedded with 4% by weight of optical glass fibres. The idea of creating this innovative building material came in 2001 during his postgraduate years in Sweden.
  • Culture Beats in Budapest

    By on Jan. 30, 2009
    The carnival season has just arrived to Budapest and a lot of promising programmes will take place in February e.g. a dark-Gothic-metal carnival at the Bakelite Multi Art Centre but let's start from the beginning. 'La Nouvelle Vague' is the New Wave of French cult cinema dated as of the late 1950s and early 1960s and based on the defiance of conservative paradigm of classical cinematic forms.
  • Be yourself, be aware

    By on Dec. 10, 2008
    One day for human rights. The 60th anniversary of the United Declarations of Human Rights (UDHR) occurs on 10 December 2008 and many campaigns aiming at its celebration throughout the world.
  • A disputed common past

    By on Nov. 18, 2008
    During the past two years relations between Hungary and Slovakia has been constantly deteriorating. You could read about the current issues of the two neighbouring countries' relations in our blog, but had not dealt too much with the historical background of this recently growing 'confilct'. Where do these bad feelings and attitudes occur from?