• The 35 euro-parliamentarians - on their way to Strasbourg

    By on Dec. 14, 2007
    Today was the first working day for the 35 euro-parliamentarians, intended to represent Romania in the European Parliament after the elections on 25th of November. The winner of these elections was the Democratic Party that sent to the European Parliament the biggest number of euro deputies, that is 13.
  • Last round : No miracle !

    By on Dec. 8, 2007
    There has been no miracle after these 120 days of negotiations between Pristina and Belgrade on the definition of a status in Kosovo. No agreement came out of these three last days of hectic negotiations in Baden near Vienna, Austria. No independence or even autonomy. No settlement on the status. Only remain the international protectorate and fears for the future.
  • Bucharest: Biggest Christmas Tree from Eu 

    By on Dec. 3, 2007
    300 workers, Romanians, Portuguese and Brazilians worked for one month and a half for realizing the biggest Christmas tree in Europe. Having 7th floors, 76 meters height and 300 tones, the huge tree lights up the Unirii Square with its over 2 millions lightings.
  • 1st of December - party day for Romanians

    By on Dec. 3, 2007
    1st of December, the National Day of Romania, is, or at least should be, a day of joy and fun, a day for celebrating our history and realizing how many things we enjoy now, 89 years after the accomplishment of our national dream.
  • First Bucharest - Paris Café

    By on Nov. 23, 2007
    The second summit between the European Union and Africa is scheduled for the 8th and 9th of December - but will it really take place? Yet, at the head of the European Union until the end of 2007, Portugal has been working very hard on it. Lisbon was already the main instigator of the first official meeting between the European Union and Africa in 2000, in Cairo (Egypt).
  • Bucharest – Paris Café

    By on Nov. 23, 2007
    With more than 50 blogs all over Europe and 26 local offices, the Community of Babelians grew strong, providing us tools for a better interaction and a wider space for expressing our ideas and communicating easier in Europe our local news.
  • Electoral Campaign with European Personalities

    By on Nov. 12, 2007
    25th November - the date for the European Parliament Elections is approaching, so the electoral campaign is becoming more intense. Besides of making use of the Romanian crisis in Italy for drawing the debate into their favour, two of the most important parties brought last week to Romania, international guests to support them. Mr.
  • Premium Launch Event in Bucharest

    By on Oct. 29, 2007
    Today took place our Community Launch Event in Bucharest, at 18h, within the University of Political and Administrative Studies. Here you find a few pictures from it, more will be available soon.
  • International Photo Salon

    By on Oct. 25, 2007
    Starting with Sunday, October 21st, The International Showroom of Photography Art from Sibiu is celebrating its XII edition. With this occasion, The International Federation of Photography Art is awarding the organisers with a bronze medal.
  • Los Días del Cine Español

    By on Oct. 7, 2007
    Entre 8 y 11 octubre el público rumano podrá disfrutar de una serie de proyecciones españolas en uno de los cinematógrafos más importantes de Bucarest, Cinema Studio.