• Behind the scenes at Berlinale 2017

    By on Feb. 21, 2017

    From the ticket sellers to the translators, it takes an invisible army to run one of the largest film festivals in Europe. Their role is to make sure everything happens smoothly, and it requires commitment and patience. While most media outlets focused on the stars and directors on the red carpet, we turned our cameras on the people behind the scenes at Berlinale.

  • Krakauer Studentinnen proben den Krieg

    By on Jan. 21, 2016

    In der Akademischen Legion von Krakau, ähnlich wie in vielen anderen polnischen Gemeinden, trainieren junge Polen den Umgang mit Waffen. Auch Frauen wollen zunehmend für den Ernstfall gerüstet sein.

  • Krakow: What would make you happier, Nowa Huta?

    By on Jan. 7, 2016

    Nowa Huta was the first city in post-war Poland to be built virtually from scratch. The district owes its name – “the new steelworks” – to the industrial complex that was built along with it. Later, in 1951, the town became incorporated as part of Krakow. We ask the young generation of Nowa Huta what changes in their neighbourhood would help to lift their spirits.