• Designing the future: Grcic's Panorama

    By on June 2, 2015

    2025. What will the world look like in ten years' time? You might say ‘Hey, ten years is not such a long time!’, but, as history has shown, a lot can happen in ten years. Who knows? We might all have our own personal robots - which we can operate with our brain. And some of us will live on Mars, of course.

  • When the Going Gets Tough: Youth in Athens

    By on Oct. 16, 2014

    The crisis in Greece has affected every Greek one way or another. It represents parents looking for a second job to afford their children’s education. Youth forced to go abroad. Relationships ending. Low wages and unfinished reparation work. Not going out because it’s too expensive. Parents ask their son to look for a student job. It stands for anger, disappointment and powerlessness.