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  • Going to Moldova

    By on May 7, 2008
    And the second team is by now completed. Ready to go to Moldova... Sebastian Meyer (27) US/UK Coming from New York, Sebastian has lived in London since 2006 where he works freelance. His clients include The Sunday Telegraph, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Evening Standard, The New York Times, and Getty Images.
  • Desperatly seeking for...

    By on May 7, 2008
    Looking for European freelance journalists for Babel Reporter Moldova Creating Babel Reporter, the European online magazine, is launching Babel Reporter, the first transnational collective of European journalists. The concept is to send a team of 4 reporters (2 teams of 1 photographer and 1 journalist from different countries) to realise in depth reportages during 5 days in Europe.
  • Where is Moldova ?

    By on May 7, 2008
    Some infos hereAnd a little bit of geography Agrandir le plan
  • Publications in chain

    By on April 4, 2008
    Ukraine : refugee in unrestricted access Questions de femmes, France (June 2008)Axelle, Belgium (27/03/2008)
  • Sexy Books, Black Bishop and Refugee's Camp

    By on March 18, 2008
    Here is a small selection of our work, in PDF, ready to be read. The presentation of the synopsis includes some pictures, all realised in February 2008 for this first edition of © Babel Reporter.
  • Ukraine : What's hot and not...

    By on Feb. 28, 2008
    For the first edition of Babel Reporter in Ukraine, here are the topics that we will cover. Women In France and more generally in Europe, the use of 'surrogate mothers' is prohibited by law. But in Ukraine, the motherhood of substitution is becoming a more and more juicy business.
  • Babel Reporter for Dummies!

    By on Dec. 20, 2007
    Everything you want to know about Babel Reporter project. Step by step. Follow the guide! Babel Reporter is the first transnational collective of European journalists, sending multicultural teams of photographers and journalists together to realise reportages in Europe. 1. What is Babel Reporter?
  • The concept of Babel Reporter

    By on Nov. 22, 2007
    Basically the articles we want to produce will be organised around 3 subjects: society /culture/ tourism & travel. Topics have to be fresh, original and European, easily identifiable as 'Babelian'. If the project works as expected, the expeditions take place every 2 to 3 months, with various transnational teams : 3 x 2 (photograph + writer) of different nationalities.