• Greece, Riots and John Lennon

    By on Dec. 11, 2008
    I would like to clarify a point about recent events: As bullets can not be answer to words, likewise you can not honor someone’s memory with stones and Molotov. As I see ostracized bullet to Alexis’ chest, a straight one to Greek society’s heart: I am continually trying to understand riots motive but they refuse to talk.
  • ''Do not throw us tear gases. We can cry on our own...''

    By on Dec. 11, 2008
    1941. Greece is under the Nazi's. The groups of the Resistance are on the edge of a civil conflict. At the same time, the leader of a big political party who had fled to Cairo, Egypt with the government-in exile, after coming in contact with some local politicians, vows to make jobbery with them if they vote for him in the..upcoming elections (that would happen when Greece would be liberated!!
  • Greece: Asking for...hope!

    By on Dec. 9, 2008
    I think it is clear, even to a foreigner, that what is happening these days in Athens remarks that ''en era is about to finish.'' The government of the country, in a desperate effort to proof that...exists, tries to take measures. It is clear from what happened that PM Karamanlis is for the country to escape the crisis. This can be witnessed from the way Karamanlis is taking decisions.
  • Rioters burn and plunder Athens

    By on Dec. 8, 2008
    The centre of Athens looks like a conflict zone, probably the worst seen in Greece since the restoration of democracy in 1974. Dozens of shops, banks, businesses and cars are being destroyed by the rioters on Athens main shopping streets and business centre.
  • The ''Banana Republic''...

    By on Dec. 8, 2008
    Athens is on fire..Greece is on fire..and I am really afraid that nobody can bring an extinguisher..I feel really upset of what happened in Exarcheia. No matter if the child attacked or not to the policemen it is unacceptable for a policeman, who knows the sensitivity of this certain district, to shoot. No public force has the right to shoot any civilian, let alone a 15 year old child.