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Article published on March 13, 2009
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Article published on March 13, 2009
Article written by JEF Europe A United Europe. The EU is a successful peace project within, but JEF cannot regard the peace project as finalised until all citizens of Europe enjoy living in peaceful and democratic societies.
In order to meet the challenges of an ever changing global world and to play a more active role in international politics, the EU must become a political union by completing necessary reforms and adopting a real Constitution.

One Europe, One Voice. JEF believes that the EU through its unique structure and policies can assume its role as an essential and diplomatic mediator on the world scene if it adopts a Single Foreign and Defence Policy. A European army is a tool to promote and establish peace in regional conflicts. The EU has an enormous potential in the field of peacekeeping and alternative use of military force and a single European Seat in the UN Security Council would enhance the efforts to achieve global peace.

Inclusion, an Open-Door Policy. The EU is able to spread democracy through enlargement. The prospect of future membership of the Union has already proven effective in several European regions. Therefore, JEF supports further negotiations between the EU and candidates such as Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Turkey and other future potential candidates preparing them for membership when fulfilling the Copenhagen Criteria and ensuring secular and democratic institutions.

Reaching Out to Our Neighbours. JEF firmly believes in the benefits of a stable and democratic neighbourhood for the European Union. The EU’s relations to its three new Eastern neighbours – Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine – are of utmost importance in determining the safety of its borders and its relations with Russia. The people of Europe must play an active role in supporting the people living in any non-democratic regime in their fight for democracy and freedom through actions and projects promoting and ensuring democracy. Facing Global Challenges. JEF condemns all forms of terrorism! The commitment to human rights and freedom is the strongest answer to undemocratic and violent attacks. Societies that are strongly based on the principles of democracy, justice and the respect for human rights will not give in to any efforts undermining these cornerstones of federalism.

give a voice to BelarusA Free Belarus. Belarus, often described as ‘Europe’s last dictatorship’, is a country where dictatorship rules. Where freedom of the press, establishment of NGOs and respect for human rights are still distant dreams. Belarus is at our doorstep, not the other side of the world – but somehow Europe is incapable of responding to the serious human rights crimes. Why? Because the EU doesn’t have the necessary means to react. Europe desperately needs a European Foreign Policy to deal with global issues. 27 different national positions only result in dysfunctional action, often failing to address the fundamental issues. JEF Europe demands that an EU Special Representative for Belarus is appointed in order to ensure that democratic elections are brought to Belarus for good. Furthermore, Brussels must make it clear to Minsk that freedom of the press and NGOs and above all respect for human rights, particularly with regard to the opposition, are prerequisites for any EU economic gains and EU entry for Belarus officials.

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